Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Routine Break Down

Before we get into the routine I would like to say I crushed PR's while I was off line for a bit. Current stats are as followed Paused Bench: 330lbs Squat: 425lbs Dead Lift: 455lbs. I have been doing a lot of sole searching a bit, and was talking to a Canadian Power lifting legend Pete Perry about routines. Then he told me his routine that he used to pull 675lbs at 181lbs.

Sunday: Bench 5x5
Monday: light leg day(Leg Press/Leg curls/Leg extensions)
Wednesday: Bench 5x5 Shoulder Press 5x5
Friday: Squat 5x5 Dead Lift 5x5 Leg press

Current Location
Bench: 280 5x5
Squat: 350 5x5
Dead Lift: 370 5x5

5x5 Goal's:
Bench: 315 5x5
Squat: 405 5x5
Dead Lift: 5x5

1RM Goal's:
Bench: 405lbs
Squat: 495lbs
Dead Lift: 495

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