Sunday, 2 September 2012

Welcome To Monster Training

Monster Training Has Been Born....We are a group who want to set records in the CPU and IPF. We are currently training for the London Open 3-Lift Classic held in London, Ontario. We are very excited and are looking to grow in the group, and hope you will follow Monster Training. Currently we have two members and going to get a third in October; Omar is the youngest out of the three and his total is 480lbs still in High school. Robert(ME) currently has a 1144lb total.
     Our Goals as a group is to get 2 records in the books for Monster Training Come the Classic. total Goal for Omar is 800lbs and Robert 1300lb total for the Classic.

Bench Day I
ME Bench-2 Board
Omar set a Personal Record at 125lbs
Robert set a Personal Record at 350lbs
Assistance Work-Reps Between 5-20
French Pressing
Barbell Curls
Lat Pull Downs
Seated Military Pressing

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