Monday, 5 November 2012

New plan an Routine

Since I have new goals and Routines that will be going on, I guess I should start a new Log and break everything down for everyone. For Bench I will be looking to follow The Gorilla Method. For Squat I will be doing a [B]5x5[/B] till the knee is 100%, then will give Smolov squatting a try. Dead lifts I will be following a plan Steve Shaw has used. Benching week Goal's(all weeks are 3x3 week 1:275 week 2:280 week 3:285 week 4:290 week 5:295 week 6:300 week 7: Test 1 RM Dead's 1) Deadlifts 6 sets x 3 reps with 65% of your one rep max. Each week add 10 pounds. When you can't safely hit 3 reps on a set, drop it. Never perform a rep if your form starts to slip. So let's say you start with 250 pounds on deadlifts and hit 6 sets x 3 reps. You add weight for 2 weeks, but when you get to 280 pounds the last set feels spotty and you are unable to hit 3 safe reps. Drop that set and continue adding weight. You continue this pattern of adding a weekly weight, and dropping sets until you can perform only one set of 3 reps. At that point take a week break, come back and test your max. Squat's: I will be starting at bar again Week Break Down: Mondays: Bench&Dead lift Wednesday:Squat Thursday: Dead lift& Bench Sunday:Squat Gorilla Bench:

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